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During fees must fall students painted the trees with names of African political leaders they felt needed to be recognised in the campus buildings” Nkrumah” was the one that caught my attention.
 Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (conceived Francis Nwia-Kofi Ngonloma, September 21,1909 – April 27, 1972) was an African political leader. He was outstanding as the main Prime Minister, then President, of Ghana. On March 6, 1957, following ten years of battling for Ghanaian independence, Nkrumah was chosen President and Ghana gained freedom from Britishrule. Nkrumah was conceived Francis Nwia-Kofi Ngonloma in Nkroful, a town in Gold Coast (the British province that was to end up Ghana) to Kofi Ngonloma, a goldsmith, and Elizabeth Nyaniba, a businesswoman, who he saw as an awesome motivation. He went to Elementary School at Half Assini where his dad filled in as agoldsmith. He additionally changed his name to "Kwame". Nkrumah came back to the Gold Coast and established the Convention People's Party. At the point when Ghana ended up plainly autonomous from England, Nkrumah was its first president. He made the banner of Ghana. For power, Nkrumah requested the working of a hydroelectric dam and an atomic power plant. (George P. Hagan, "Nkrumah's Cultural Policy", in Arhin (1992), The Life and Work of Kwame Nkrumah.)

Nkrumah was not well disposed to the tribes in Ghana, for example, the Asante. He needed them to be faithful to Ghana and Africa  not smaller tribes.What many young people can learn from Nkrumah is his determination, his passion to succeed and to liberate his people. Kwame was faced with many challenges in his journey but he perrseved until he reached his goal, and he was not only concerned about himself but other people as well for example he strove to empower women and encouraged people to get an education, Kwame is the prime example of you can do 


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